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Tom Brake

28 Cherry Circle

Blackwood, NJ 08012



Dear Potential Donors:


No child wants to be left out, and good news is they don’t have to be. Children with physical disabilities in South Jersey have the chance to participate fully in many competitive sports, and we provide the opportunity to play hockey.   The Wings of Steel sled hockey team gives a wide range of children with disabilities the opportunity to play hockey by skating on ice via specially designed sleds, using their arms and two hockey sticks with picks to propel them across the ice.  


For the past 18 years, the Wings of Steel has provided this athletic experience to children with physical disabilities, ages 6 through 18, who converge in Voorhees, NJ to play.  The philosophy of the Wings of Steel and the continual goal of it’s founders is to fully fund the cost of ice time and equipment through fundraising so we do not have to charge our players in order to play. We have met that goal yearly and aspire to continue to do so. Many families who include at least one child with a disability often face additional financial challenges of medical care, equipment for daily living and other hardships and this is why we strive to offer our sport free of charge to families. 


Our success is measured in the smiles of the kids and their improved physical well-being.  From the youngest or newest players who may start not being able to push themselves learning to get around the ice without a pusher, to the player who never thought they would be able to be a part of a team. And to the kids who may be bullied at school and maybe have never met anyone like them until joining the team. Those reasons are why we play, why we coach, why we fundraise. 


For a few, the success is even greater.  At the 2006 Torino Paralympics, Mt. Ephraim’s Tim Jones competed with the USA Sled Hockey team that brought home the Paralympic sled hockey bronze medal, and then at the 2010 Vancouver Paralympics, Tim brought home a GOLD MEDAL! Up until the final sled hockey roster for the Torino Games in January 2006, Tim’s home team was the Wings of Steel.


We are asking for any support that you can provide for our team. We are looking for corporate, small business and individual support to help us maintain our cost free goal. We host several fundraisers each year, but all donations throughout the year are welcome and greatly needed. All donations are tax deductible through our organization which is a non-profit 501(3)c organization and can be made via check to the address above or through PayPal on our website (listed above also). 


Every day, more and more children become involved in this sport, some for recreation and some for competition.  Not all are able to afford it, but we never turn anyone away.  Can you help the Wings of Steel continue its legacy of providing this opportunity to children with disabilities where they can make lifelong friends, gain confidence and maintain a level of physical fitness.  


Any support that you can provide to the Wings of Steel sled hockey team is be greatly appreciated.  We hope that you can help keep the dream alive



Tom Brake

Team President


Tax letter available upon request

Thank You for Your Support!!!

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